Best improv videos on Youtube

Best Improv Videos on YouTube

When it comes to free learning resources about improv comedy, YouTube can be an excellent option. People from around the world can post tips, tricks, and informational content, allowing improv enthusiasts to learn and grow. Plus, you can view videos from some of the biggest names in the comedy game, all with a few clicks or taps.

But not every improv video is created equal. Some are jam-packed with value while others just don’t measure up. By focusing on the shining stars in the bunch, anyone can improve their improv performance.

With that in mind, here is a look at the best improv videos on YouTube.

Jason Sudeikis: How to be Good at Improv

Along with a discussion about his success in the world of improv, Jason Sudeikis shares some amazing tips that can help you elevate your performance in this Jason Sudeikis: How to be Good at Improv clip. If you are interested in improv, this two-and-a-half-minute video should be considered a must-see.

Matt Walsh Reveals His Keys to Improv

Another quick video chocked full of helpful information, Matt Walsh Reveals His Keys to Improv talks about how planning and actively trying to be funny can ruin any improv scene. Plus, he gives clear guidance that can increase your success on stage, allowing to you earn your laughs without getting in your own way.

The Art of Improvisation | Rapid Fire Theatre | TEDxEdmonton

If you have a little more time on your hands, The Art of Improvisation, a TEDx Edmonton performance by Rapid Fire Theatre, embraces the theme of “uncertainty,” something that is innate in improv. Watching the piece can show you how to navigate challenges and roll with the unexpected, something that is essential in the world of improv comedy.

A Lesson on Improv Technique with Chris Gethard

In A Lesson on Improv Technique with Chris Gethard, you’ll learn how to many of the best approaches to improv are also great approaches to life, making this video incredibly relatable no matter your experience level. Long-time improv coach Chris Gethard shares a ton of tips in this highly digestible nearly seven-minute video, so make sure to take the time to watch.

Ten Ways to Practice Improvisation Acting Skills : Theater Lessons

If you want to learn how to practice improv effectively and efficiently, Ten Ways to Practice Improvisation Acting Skills: Theater Lessons is the video for you. You’ll discover ten different options that can help you improve your skills, allowing you to shine with ease when you get on stage.

IMPROV YOURSELF – How to Improvise Comedy Instructional Video

Beginners rejoice. If you are just getting started in the world of improv or want to learn more about it before taking the leap, ”IMPROV YOURSELF – How To Improvise Comedy” Instructional Video is a great way to get your feet wet. Featuring Mix Tape Worm, an award-winning improv team, you’ll get a solid introduction into their world and tips that can help you excel.

Just bear in mind that the video is a bit older, and the style is a little rough. Still, it is filled with information, especially about the basics, making it worth the watch.

Comedy Improv Example Exercises

Looking to hone your technique and improve your performance, Comedy Improv Example Exercises is the right video for you. You’ll see examples of approaches you can use to enhance your skills and work as part of a group, allowing you to explore your improv style and classic scenes. Plus, watching the performers is entertaining in its own right, making it as fun as it is helpful.

Improv Lesson from Tina Fey

If you want to learn from a comedy great, Improv Lesson from Tina Fey lets you do just that. She shares some helpful tips based on her improv experience, and we all know how successful she ultimately became.

The Art of Improv – Acting Techniques & Improv Games

Want some tips about effective techniques and some fun improv games to enhance your skills, then The Art of Improv – Acting Techniques & Improv Games is for you. Loni Stark gives you a behind the scenes look into this comedy world, answering the important questions that are on every aspiring improv comedians mind.

Ultimately, the options listed above are some of the best improv videos on YouTube you can find today. Check them all out and see if they can’t make your next performance better than ever before.

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